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What is "Destructive Discomfort"?

by Dan Scanlon |

Pain and anxiety are the manifestations of evolved defense mechanisms. When the stakes are high, they drive you to respect your situation and act accordingly.

When the stakes are high.

What about the rest of the time?

The nervous energy that sends adrenaline pumping through your veins and invokes your fight-or-flight response when you're simply trying to speak to a group in public? The chronic pain that makes you feel miserable when you are just trying to do your work or play with your children. 

The rest of the time, pain and anxiety are basically causing you needless suffering. While a lesser magnitude of an uncomfortable sensation can help you to perform in high-stakes situations, to seriously and appropriately consider a worrying thought, or to move carefully as to not harm a healing body part, many experience an extent of discomfort that is wholly unproductive.

We call this "destructive discomfort," and it is the predicate of Mellowment's mission to stop it from impeding the richness of your life.

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