CBD Products with Zero THC

Little-known fact: most of the CBD products that are sold legally online and in retail stores actually contain small amounts of THC, up to 0.3% by weight.

Not all CBD is made equal. Depending on the nature of the products you use, and the quality of the lab testing done on the products, the amount of THC you may be exposed to can be risky. Many off-the-shelf CBD products may cause you to fail a drug test or even become impaired.

How does Mellowment create CBD products with absolutely NO THC?

The phytocannabinoid (CBD)-rich hemp extract used in all of our products is processed using an advanced chromatography technique that selectively removes all of the Schedule-I psychoactive compound Delta-9 THC, while preserving the rest of the cannabinoid spectrum.

The 5 Best CBD Products with NO THC

As a health and wellness company, the first qualifying characteristic for any of our products is to do no harm. So our safety considerations start all the way at the supplier and co-packer level.

Don’t take our word for it. View the lab results for each of our products and see for yourself!

  1. Softgels For Inflammation

    Reducing your inflammation can do more than just relieve pain and speed your recovery from exertion – studies show it can help improve your mental state as well. These softgels are designed to comprehensively support your overall wellness.
  2. Everyday High Impact Softgels

    Strong, daily CBD softgels, designed to help you feel comfortable and focused every day.
  3. Everyday Low Impact Softgels

    Subtle, everyday CBD softgels, designed to help you feel calm and uplifted.
  4. PHY2O CBD Beverage Enhancer

    Make your favorite CBD coffee, tea, or other beverage at home or in your restaurant with our unique, water-soluble CBD beverage enhancer.
  5. Mellowment + Gravity PM – Softgels for Sleep

    Gravity Blankets and Mellowment teamed up to create a unique nightly softgel, featuring such powerful sleepy ingredients as nano CBD, melatonin, and chamomile to put you out.

Remember: Play It Safe

Posts like this help our customers better understand the CBD space, and the products that are available to them. If it were up to us, every company selling something foods or supplements would use transparency to empower their customers.

And yet, not all of them do.

So, we advise you to stay safe out there. And enjoy.

— Mellowment



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