Our Process

Harnessing natural resources through innovative scientific methods & artistry.

Made With You in Mind

Our products are created with your created with great care to improve and enhance your quality of life.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge of CBD, as well as providing safe, effective and affordable products for your wellness routine.

From the farm we source from, to processing and delivery, we are committed to quality, safety, and compliance.

100% Certified-Organic

Mellowment exclusively partners with growers based in the USA who specialize in premium hemp.

All of our products are created with premium hemp from Colorado, along with a farm we have partnered with for our Beverage Enhancers in Michigan.

We only use 100% Certified-Organic hemp that is grown in rich soil to ensure that our products are free of pesticides and toxic chemicals.

100% THC Free

The phytocannabinoid CBD-rich hemp we use in our products is extracted using an advanced chromatography technique to ensure 100% Zero THC.

Our hemp is processed in pharmaceutical-grade environments that are GMP compliant.

Our products are never over-processed to deliver maximum hemp benefits to you with integrity, quality and transparency.


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