Beverage Enhancer+Limon-Subscription

Beverage Enhancer+Limon-Subscription

Nano tincture to enhance your beverage and your day.

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Nano Tincture is formulated to enhance beverages, and can be taken as many times as desired throughout the day. With 0.0% THC, there is no risk of impairment.

Most customers add four (4) drops into 6-8 oz of water to gauge effects, and then increase or decrease dosage until desired effects are achieved.

Customers' favorite beverage choices: water, healthy green juices, energy drinks, pre-workout, carbonated beverages, and tea.

What consumers are saying:

When I don't take this supplement, my chronic pain comes back.

- Ashley P

The permanent foundation of my daily wellness routine.

- Barbara F

"Mellowment has achieved something more advanced and effective than off-the-shelf inflammation supplements, with the added benefits of hemp nutrients"


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